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about 7 years ago

GigHacks - Start forming teams now!

We're excited to have you join us this weekend at GigHacks! It's going to be a great weekend, full of exciting collaboration and new ideas.

Before the weekend gets underway, get a head start! ChallengePost is more than just a way to register for this event. You can also send messages to each other and post discussions. If you have an idea for a project to work on, post it on the DISCUSSIONS board. If you see anyone you'd like to work with on the PARTICIPANTS tab, feel free to send them a message. We'll be sending UPDATES like this that will be sent to your email. During the hackathon, we'll use this platform to collect project SUBMISSIONS so they can live past the hackathon.

See you on Friday!

The GigHacks team - BTV Ignite,, Burlington Telecom