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about 7 years ago

See you tomorrow night at 6pm at (South Entrance)!


We’re really looking forward to seeing you and your friends tomorrow night. You are welcome to come for just Friday night or for the whole weekend. If you stay, you’ll be able to begin development of applications that can help transform Burlington and the rest of Vermont in areas such as health care, education, clean energy, and public safety, not to mention enjoying BBQ flown in from Kansas City. And you’ll be able to use the platforms listed below, as well as “drive” a Beam robot in San Francisco.

Bring your imagination, your A game, and your appetites!

The GigHacks team - BTV Ignite,, Burlington Telecom









The GRID SDK enables fast capture and compression of the desktop display or renders targets from NVIDIA GRID cloud gaming graphics boards.


Video chat SDK

The ooVoo Video Chat SDK allows for easy integration of video communication into any app. It's built on a service used by more than 100 million people in 130 countries.


Cloud gaming platform

Shinra seeks to transform the way games are created and experienced at every scope – from 3D open world games to 2D sprite games.


API for headsets + Prototype headsets

Plantronics makes some of the best headsets in the world and is now opening up the technology to application developers, creating a new ecosystem in the process by enabling the devices to connect to applications, platforms, and even the cloud. This ecosystem consists of hardware, tools, developers, and integrators.

Revolve Robotics

API + Kubis to hack on

The combination of Kubi and swyMed into a single solution was made possible through an API and SDK developed by Remote Robotics. This allows a remote medical expert to video conference with patients and other staff using the features of Kubi.